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Micro Loans NW | September 23, 2021

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Cash that Check NOW! | Micro Loans NW

Cash that Check NOW!

KENT LOCATION – 253.856.2820
118 Central Avenue South
8a-9p M-F 9a-8p Sat

EVERETT LOCATION – 425.347.5900
SW Everett Mall Way Ste F
10a-6p M-F 10a-6p Sat



Don’t let the bank hold YOUR cash! Don’t have a bank account, that’s OK, we are here to help! We will get your check cashed fast – and you always get FREE money orders when cashing checks.

We cash all types of checks! We cash them fast! Just bring in your ID and your check and we will take care of the rest.

Our rates vary depending on the type of check:
NOTE: There is an additional transaction fee of $1.99 for any check over $20.00 added to all check cashing rates:

Check Type               Rate
Government             2.99%
Payroll                       2.99% (including handwritten payroll checks)
Money Order            5.99%
(We DO NOT cash money orders purchased at MLNW)

Cashier’s Check       5.99%
Two-Party Personal 5.99%
Insurance                 5.99%
No ID Surcharge        3%

*$1.99 transaction fee on all checks over $20.00*
**BUSINESS OWNERS**Ask about our special rates!

We have very experienced tellers that can get your checks verified quickly no matter the amount. If you are cashing your payroll check and we have you setup in our system, you will be cashed out in minutes! Don’t wait in long lines on payday, we will save you lots of time and treat you great through the process!

Do you need your cash right now and the bank wants to put a hold on your funds? We can help with that too! Just bring your check and ID and you will have your cash in minutes!

Please give us a call at 253-856-2820 if you have any questions about your check. We are here to help! All checks must be verified in the store, so come on in and let our tellers help you CASH THAT CHECK NOW!