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Micro Loans NW | September 23, 2021

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Payday Loans Now! | Micro Loans NW

Payday Loans Now!

Get cash today! We can get you up to $500 right now and $700 after you establish some history with us!

We have the most generous payday loan program in the state!

You can save money by borrowing money for 9 to 14 days, which is our QUICK-TERM LOAN.

Or, stretch out your loan through two pay periods to roughly 30 days and make a payment halfway through or pay it all at the end. It’s up to you!

We provide flexibility that others just don’t do!

Here is what we need in order to give you a loan:

Payday Loan Guidelines:

  • No Payday Loans outstanding with other lenders
  • $1400 Verifiable Monthly NET Income
- Proof of Income

- Must be direct deposit

  • Open and active Checking Account with deposits creating a balance to support the loan

- Electronic bank verification thru DecisionLogic

- A check from your account or a letter 
from your bank with your name, 
account number and routing number

*some Banks require checks directly from them

  • Valid State ID and must live in Washington State
  • Working personal phone number

Get your money now at Micro Loans NW!

Loan Application Form – click here.