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Micro Loans NW | September 23, 2021

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Wire Tranfers, Money Orders and Bill Pay | Micro Loans NW

Wire Tranfers, Money Orders and  Bill Pay

You can send money anywhere in the world in just minutes!
It’s only $5 to send $50 anywhere in the US!

If you need to send money somewhere else in the world, just give us a call and you will probably be surprised to hear how reasonable it is to send that money!

You can load just about any pre-paid debit card through our system.
Are you late on your mortgage or car payment? We can get that paid right now through Western Union’s Quick Collect product!

We pay cash for your Western Union transfer! Don’t go to one of those convenience stores or grocery stores where they just don’t have the experience to send or the cash to get you all your money fast!

Why take a money order when you can get it all in cash right now? That’s right! Many agents don’t carry enough cash to payout your transfer. They have to give you a money order instead!

FAST CASH NOW at Micro Loans NW!

Money Orders: Free when cashing checks or taking out a loan or $1.50 for up to $1000.